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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hello people! Hope you are all well!
A few days ago we did a photoshoot for the presentation of my new autumn/winter collection called 'Metallic'. We also had the chance to shoot some photos of my new collection of cluthes. Most of the fabrics can fit on any frame bag design... New materials, like leather, suede, wool and new technology lurex fabrics were used for this season's bags and accessories which have a dark, rocky, luxurious mood... If you want to have an up-close and personal look of the collection you can always drop by my showroom.
The scene of the photoshoot was set downtown @ psyrri in a sunshine day. Many special thanks to photographer, Nikolay Mitov, and hair & make-up artist, Spyro Stefanoudaki for their great work. Also, my model, Varvara Nist, and sis Ariadni... You did your best girls :) Black and grey dress by Alexia Kirmitsi.

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Lorelai said...

evi mou beautiful work. as always!
the cypriot's friend