Welcome in the world of evisk! A world full of colours, fabrics, threads, treams, buttons and some fairypowder! Evisk is all about fun, retro, pop, romantic mood... each bag and accessory has its own story to tell... so use your imagination and let the journey begin! If you like to purchase one of the accessories that follows or if you are interested in wholesale, please e-mail me at evisk1975@yahoo.gr. Thanks for visiting! Enjoy!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

This cutie with the long chain can carry all the necessary accessories for a girl's night out... Keys, mob phone, money, make up pallete and more... Made to order. Available in most fabrics.

Huge but chic! With a crochet flower detail (thank you grandma) and a small orange cabochon. Also available in egg yellow. Made to order.

Black damask flowers on off-white canvas granny style bag with brown wooden handles. Very retro and romantic... Also available in off-white damask on black canvas or soft pink damask on off-white canvas.

New, round edition of your very beloved russian dolls off-white frame bag. With a pink, green or white zip as a handle.

Polka dot clutch bags are casual and romantic... After the fouxchia, yellow and red editions of last year's spring/summer collection I decided to enlarge the "family" with the addition of green and purple. Just pick one and enjoy!!!

Cool, retro, romantic clutches featuring little matroyshkas in dantelion frames. Available in soft purple, beige/pink and red (not shown).

Chinese letters are very graffically mysterious to me... Plain black and white or with colourful faces, pick your favourite. Made to order. Design of faux leather handles on the bag may vary.

Save your money for the rainy days!!! Small coin purses that can fit all your money, cell phone, keys and lipstic! Comes in different colour for the bobbles on the frame (beige, pink, fouxia, pale blue, tyrkouaz, red and purple). Order yours on your favourite colour!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Didn't quite understand how january just wipped away so fast!!! Did I even wish you a happy new year? Well... We did wear our glitteries during the holidays, like this luxurious furry necklace/warmer, but now is time for new staff!!! New spring/summer collection to be out soon. See it up close and personal at this month's TellaStory trade show hosted for three days @ Bios. For details visit www.tellastorytradeshow.blogspot.com